Off days

Hey, you know when you have a off day, feeling down, lack of pep, no motivation even though you have a full day you need to attend to. Give some time to yourself, to your head, talk it out, what has you down or unmotivated…….. and pat yourself on the back and tell yourself more than once, twice or ten times……… you can do it. Its OK to feel down just do not let it last to long. Tough love yourself, get some fresh air, change the scenery ……… and never give up …….. just BEGIN again.



Early Morning

Good Morning

It is a new day, a day of hope. I am going to nurture my body and soul and hope you do too! I like to wake up early and think of my dreams, goals and hopes. I have big big dreams and it is a process to keep them alive, and I will…. because I want them that much. Be good to yourselves today include fitness to strengthen your body and clean food for energy. Do not give up and stay focused, it is the first step and the steps after that, that will get you where you want to be………..just BEGIN,


Are you a introvert or extrovert when it comes to your fitness?

Hi, Lets face it some people need that push or going to a class fitness to get them going right? Which one are you? ……well I am a introvert when it comes to my fitness, not to say I don’t love the company and the chattered, but when it comes to my fitness, I take it as a personal commitment to myself to get results. It is mind, body and spirit I work on, and I become quiet and focused. It is the time where anything I am struggling with comes out, sometimes in tears and sometimes in a big huge smile. Either form is great as long as you BEGIN and get started.

What helps you? What stops you? Lets talk about it………….

Be kind to yourself today


Hi Everyone Happy Monday

I had beautiful weather where I am all weekend and took advantage of it. Sometimes I will get up in my head to much and need to release. Like physical health, mental health is important.

I took a walk by the river and made sure to listen to the natural sounds this time, rather then my tunes. There was a dog playing in the water having so much fun, I could see his smile from where I was standing. There was a beautiful eagle gliding with the wind, so graceful. There was a red rose, left on a bench on the trail by someone, in memory of something special in their life. We should all remember gratitude.

We are so hard on our-selves sometimes and need to not think…… but just walk, breath and listen and be in the moment.

more to come……..begin by having a great Monday




Here is how my Story Begins

Do you know what will keep you going and make you wake up early and really feel good? wenyouwalk ……you begin…. yes even after 40 when you have done so much for everyone else? Now is the time for YOU, mind, body and spirit…….BUT, where do I begin… I have no time… I am tired….I have no pep……???

You just BEGIN….

How it has helped me, well ……it actually saved me when I was going through so much turmoil…. AND JUST WANTED TO RUN AWAY FROM IT ALL. Instead, when I felt the pressure building up, the fear taking over……I put on my running shoes, plugged into my fav music and walked…..(At a safe time of day, always pay attention to your surroundings of course)

I found walking by water and trees the best for me, and the first 50 steps are the ones where you push yourself, give up… or keep going... you refocus your mindset…..get into the tunes or you get into the sounds of nature what ever works for you, tune out the ppl and you BEGIN…… focus and you carry on….before you know it…. the combination of air, trees, water and the sound of birds in the back ground…. release you…

I will say it brings up so much emotion in me sometimes I am full of tears…. but I let them fall….because they need to. How do you get there ….. you BEGIN?…… DON’T THINK > DO...need help, motivation….tell me I will cheer for you.

I started this at first with my little fur friend and then when her time on this earth was up, I needed it even more……….so I also joined a gym. Now I will say, I am an extrovert at my place of work, but on my time, I am an introvert, quiet and to myself…even still… I knew it was the gym where I needed go besides just the walking (it was way out of my comfort zone) but I had to and so I began to think of it as part of my every day routine, like brushing my teeth or similar to going to a job that I had to start….. I HAD TO SHOW UP. I also did not want to look like a fool on the equipment in front of others, and I knew for me, being in that environment would get me going, hype me up, so I hired a trainer when I started, (review the credentials and see what matches to what you want to achieve,( ie endurance, muscle, stamina, etc.) I know some people would prefer to be in their own environment rather than a gym, and that is great to, just find what is doable for you and BEGIN. For me, I needed someone to show me, for my body, what I needed to work on, for others , following a great on-line video works just a good or better and is more convenient.

BEST THING I EVER DID FOR ME. Now I will confess after a long day of work, traffic, and politics I did not want to go to the gym…….but, I learned…. when I felt those feelings I knew THAT IS WHEN I NEEDED TO GO THE MOST!

If you find you dont have motivation, I have some info that might help…..hey we all need help and motivation and we all learn and deal with it differently…..First thing…..Stop comparing yourself.. just STOP… What also helped me is focusing on my walk, one foot in front of the other, and what means the most to me and that is all ……STOP OVERTHINKINGKNOWLEDGE, PERSISTENCE , PRACTICE AND REPETITION. You are worth deserve to feel good when you wake up… deserve to stand tall with no back pain…..THIS IS JUST FOR YOU….TO CLEAR YOU MINDSET…..

Hey I will be your cheerleader……..just BEGIN.

More to come, …….Love to hear your feed back